Sweet Simplicity Jewelry Sets


Sweet Simplicity is a line originally started to help a friend with some sets she needed as gifts for friends, with not a lot of money in hand, these were born. They are a simple blend of tiny seed beeds and czech, swarovski, natural and/or man made beads along with some lucite flowers as focals. They are a full set, and at a low cost... most will run an average of $25. They are done custom, and will be in the color scheme or theme you choose.

Please see the pictures below for some ideas of ones done in the past!

 Morning Glories

Clear AB seed beads with light sapphire swarovski and czech glass beads and white frosted lucite flowers.

 Autumn Spelndor

Clear AB seed beads with swarovski bicones in olive, light yellow, siam and topaz along with czech glass in similar shades. Lucite frosted tulip and lilly beads as well in red and orange


Hawiian Delite

This one is not part of the Simplicty line. Made using all natural shell and stone componants, it will be priced according to bead prices at the time of order.


 Customer custom set... solid sterling with swarovski and handblown glass... if interested in a set such as this, please note this is not part of the Simplicty line, costs will depend on the price of silver at the time of order.

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