Fringe Bracelets!! 


How much fun are these!! Fringe style bracelets can be a really great way to show off your own style!! Made completely custom, no one will ever be the same as another, a true OOAK!!

My fringe bracelets are for older girls,tweens, teens and adults due to the small items and my paranoia of a young child eating a piece of one. I will make them as small as 5.5 inches, and average 5 year old, up to 8 inches and pricing starts at only $20 for the smaller ones.

These are made completely to order, you get to pick the theme, bead styles, colors etc... and the time to make and get one to you is usually about 3 weeks from the time payment is received.

Many pictures to post!! Please check back as I try to change them often!!

 Candy Corn Fringe

All yellow and orange fiber optic Cateye beads and Sterling Silver


This was created to match a beautiful handmade set by designer Sofie Bell Couture. It is made with gold plated copper chain and headpins using lucite flowers, swarovski crystals and pearls and some czech glass rounds.

 Patriotic Small Fringe

This will be made for the younger, but again... no two are alike!

 Sprigtime Transformation

So many different beads to this!! Cut glass, natural stone, acrylic, swarovski... will not be recreated, but you can ask for something similar!


Another one that uses a ton of different types of beads...

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